Photos from times past

posted on: Sunday, May 27

Jillian Xenia inspiring photography
Inspiring photography conceptual
Jillian Xenia photography
Inspiring expressive portrait
Jillian Xenia photography
Jillian Xenia inspiring photography
Still feeling a sick ! Everyday I wake up with itchy eyes and dull headache. I haven't posted many of these photos in awhile as I didn't have access to them via my Flickr account or my Western Digital external hardrive. I downloaded them the other day using Bulkr a Flickr add on application that lets you download easily the original files ! Very happy I did so ! Here are some photos from times past, with more to come as I file them away !!

Inspiring digital art
Fashion photography Jillian Xenia
Fashion photography Jillian Xenia
Fashion portrait model Jillian Xenia
Jillian Xenia self portrait
Inspiring photography ethereal portrait by Jillian Xenia

Inspiring photography black and white portrait

Black and white photoshop digital art
Polaroid image made in photoshop Jillian Xenia
Jillian Xenia

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